Krabat: The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Carodejuv ucen) [1978]

Krabat_a_boszorkanyinas_1978“Love is stronger than any magic”

Director : Karel Zeman

Writer : Jiri Gold, Karel Zeman, Otfried Preußler (as Otfrieda Preusslera the novel “Krabat”)

Cast : Ludek Munzar, Jaroslav Moucka, Christian Bruckner, Friedrich Schutter

Story : During Christmas three homeless boy are sleeping in the hay when a raven wakes him up by calling his name: Krabat, Krabat, come to the black mill, Krabat. The next day Krabat goes there and starts working as the 12th apprentice for the master of the mill. As time passes he realizes that the moment he started working he gave his body and soul to the sorcerer and his black magic, although this doesn’t seem to bother him until he meets a young, beautiful girl and falls in love.

What I Liked :

– the animation’s style and has an artistic flavor, plus it felt so fresh compared to today’s CGI

– the story was original compared to today’s generic plots, and gotta say some pretty heavy stuff and animation for a tale addressed to children.

What I Didn’t :

– let’s just say it hasn’t aged well, it was boring, although I’m sure I would have pissed myself if I watched it as a kiddo

Final Note :

2.5 out of 4

Trailer :



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