Orgazmo [1997]

600full-orgazmo-poster“I am a bad, bad Mormon!”

Director : Trey Parker

Writer :  Trey Parker, Matt Stone (uncredited)

Cast : Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Michael Dean Jacobs, Ron Jeremy, John Marlo, Dian Bachar

Story : Scrolling through the new list Best B Movies and I stumbled upon this movie I’ve seen a while back and I just couldn’t resist writing about it, and at least it will be a fresh post between all the serious ones. So about the story : our hero, Joe Young, as a cute, shy mormon with a nice fiancé sitting at home spends his day knocking on doors and preaching the word of the Book of Mormon. But Trey Parker isn’t famous for his religious movies, so when Joe ends up on the set of a porno movie you don’t eve raise your eyebrow. Maxxx Orbison, the director sees something in Joe and offers him the role of Orgazmo, who fights crime with his Orgazmorator (a ray gun that makes you ave the most extensive orgasm ever), and his sidekick ChodaBoy. Over night our mormon boy becomes the lead actor of this incredibly successful porn, and finds himself in more trouble than he has ever imagined. I’ll just mention that ChodaBoy invents a working Orgazmorator and his fiancé happens to see his movie in a video store, and this is just the beginning of difficulties that lay ahead of our Captain Orgazmo.

What I Liked :

– we are talking about Trey Parker, this movie is hilarious in some parts, the lines are funny as hell and if you like these kind of movies you gonna have a blast, but be aware it mocks religion, superheroes, adult entertainment and so on.

– Trey is even pretty cute, and since I’m a girl it’s something I like

What I Didn’t Like :

it’s weak, it doesn’t even come close to South Park which came out in the same year as this movie, and it can’t hold up against later movies like Team America, South Park Bigger and Better. It is fun, has its hilarious moments, but the story is utter carp, I’m pretty sure it is intentionally bad, but it hurts the movie.

– I don’t wanna sound like a queer or nothin’, but I think you should still check out this movie at east for  young Trey Parker.

Final Note :

2.5/3 out of 4

Interesting facts :

– when Lisa is looking through the video store, under “Epics”, the videotapes are as follows, in this order: Birth Of Jesus; Jesus Of Nazareth; Jesus The Healer; Jesus Of Nazareth (again); Jesus Scissorhands; Pulp Jesus; The Good, The Bad, Jesus; and Raging Jesus. (imdb)

– In India, the word “Choda” is colloquial for Fuck in many languages including Hindi. The side-kick is called ‘Choda Boy’, which would be “Fucker” in Hindi (imdb)

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