The Doll (Die Puppe) [1919]

Director : Ernst Lubitsch

Writer : E.T.A. Hoffmann (story), Hanns Kräly (writer), Ernst Lubitsch (writer), A.E. Willner (operetta)

Cast : Max Kronert, Ossi Oswalda, Hermann Thimig

Story : When you are the solid heir  of a wealthy and old baron at one point in your life your most important duty is to wed a beautiful, young women and start making the kiddos. This is the case of Lancelot, who unfortunately is more than timid so he flees from the maidens and seeks refuge between monks. The greedy monks, after finding out that the Baron offers a reward of Lancelot is married, come up with the solution : he should simply marry a doll. We are not talking about a normal doll, but a life-size, mechanical one. But there is a mix-up at the doll maker, and Lancelot takes Ossi, the dollmaker’s daughter home.

What I Liked :

– Ossi Oswalda is unbelievably beautiful, absolutely gorgeous and I had enormous amounts of fun watching her act, she had a strong and natural glow that outshined everybody

– it has a sort of fairytale feel, the moon has a human face, horses are played by men in pantomime-horse costumes and other animals (rooster) by cut –out figures

– felt like watching a play from my childhood, the expressive faces ( I know it’s a silent movie, but it feels more exaggerated, reminds me more of the theater than other silent films), the old-school innocent humor

– loved the change-up between your usual roles naïve, shy male and a loudmouthed  ”heroine”

– this movie put me in a really good mood so I can only recommend it

What I Didn’t Like :

– too much dancing and singing, I don’t like it, but maybe you’ll love it just because of this

– it’s a bit messy but in the end an adorable movie

Final Note :

3 out of 4

Trailer :

a soundtrack over a few scenes from the movie sorry couldn’t find anything better


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