The Pier (La jetée) [1962]

“This time he is close to her, he speaks to her. She welcomes him without surprise. They are without memories, without plans. Time builds itself painlessly around them. Their only landmarks are the flavour of the moment they are living and the markings on the walls.”

Director : Chris Marker

Writer : Chris Marker

Cast : Davos Hanich, Helene Chatelain, Jacques Ledoux

Story : It’s a mere collection of still photographs that tell the story of a man traveling back in time to save his present: a post-apocalyptic Paris where there is no food, medicine or energy source.

What I Liked :

– everything : the idea of using still photographs was brilliant and the execution was professional, the story had a natural flow so instead of slowing  down the storyline, it created a sense of reality, you had a sense like it was a story told by grandparents over a family album

– one of the greatest sci-fi love story

– the photographs were beautiful, there are several shots that I would hang on the walls of my room

– there is only one moment when the stills are broken by one brief shot originating on a motion-picture camera: one single flicker of movement that will take your breath away, I guarantee that it will

– I loved the story itself, and it is a well-known one since it was inspired by the dream sequence in Vertigo (Hitchcock) and the movie Twelve Monkeys (Terry Gilliam) is the feature remake of this short

– it was made in 1962 but still remains one beautiful, ageless piece of pure cinema art

What I Didn’t Like :

– can’t say a thing, I wanted to catch at least one thing I didn’t like but I failed and the short won.

Final Note :

4 out of 4

Interesting Facts :

– the opening credits do not describe it as a film, but “un photo-roman.” (imdb)

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2 thoughts on “The Pier (La jetée) [1962]

  1. I saw this one! It was definitely unique, and I’m happy knowing that no one seemed to have attempted to copy it as I know you can’t hope to make an

    • there is a similar short, Sans Soleil that deals with the same themes: world travel, memories, love, from the same director, but I haven’t seen that one yet, but it doesn’t use the same technique of using photograph stills. Other wise there are plenty of shorts using this techniques but this is the only one i saw where it worked,

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