Session 9 [2001]

“I live in the weak and wounded”

Director : Brad Anderson

Writer :  Brad Anderson, Stephen Gevedon

Cast : Stephen Gevedon, David Caruso, Josh Lucas, Peter Mullan, Paul Guilfoyle, Brendan Sexton III

Story : A small asbestos cleaning crew gets a big job: they have one week to clean out few rooms in an abandoned mental hospital. With the time pressure on their shoulder tension begins to rise between the already frustrated workers: Gordon, the boss, is exhausted to the point of death, because his new-born baby has an ear-infection and is keeping him and his wife awake all night, between Hank and Phil things get worse and worse since Hank had stolen Phil’s girlfriend, and then Mike finds the tapes from a now dead patient, who had multiple personality disorder developed after a family tragedy, and simply can’t stop listening to them, and Hank disappears in the thin air after finding some valuable coins.

What I Liked :

– Peter Mullan, Josh Lucas and Brendan Sexton III had great performances, but overall everybody was good

– I loved the scene when Mike cuts open the box, which contains the tapes,  and as he does so the camera switches to other members, one cuts his hand the other gets something in his eyes, so you know sh*t just got serious, another great scene was when Brendan is running from the darkness in a white corridor/tunnel, great use of shadow

– everything happened in broad daylight, only one scene was made at night

– originality: the mental hospital ain’t haunted as you would expect from the premise,  the suspense is coming from the relationships between the members of the crew and the feeling that something terrible is going to happen soon.

What I Didn’t Like :

– David Caruso, ok I’m biased about him that is for sure, I don’t think he is a good actor, and he certainly had a flawed performance here, he exaggerated parts and underplayed others, he just wasn’t believable enough I don’t think his acting has layers

– the story itself has a few plot holes, and the end is very weak comparing to rest of the film, it felt like the writers took the lazy way out

– all in all it’s a great suspense movie, but could have been far better

Final Note :

3 out 4

Trailer :

3 thoughts on “Session 9 [2001]

  1. I wasn’t so enamoured with this film. The premise sounds great and there are some really spooky parts – the tapes that Mike plays are genuinely creepy – but at the end I wasn’t that gripped. Watching it again I appreciated the fact that t had some good writing that comes out when the crew talk to each other.

    • i enjoyed the movie mostly because the main source of suspense was the relationships between the crew and the mental hospital was just the cause of eruption.Then again it depends how you interpret Simon, as a demon or as a metaphor, I’m going with the later so in my view it was the human mind behind the massacre. I think it was fairly original pairing: I mean you would expect other kind of movie when you hear the premise of a few men cleaning out a mental hospital.
      But when the credits rolled, I was disappointed cause it had the potential to far better, the ending was very week and illogical at points, would have loved it more if they had complicated the storyline. Still I think the movie is worth a watch

      • I agree about the metaphor and I think this is what raises it above other horror films since we expect a mental patient to be flying about the place but it’s the darkness that exists in all of us.

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