Lone Star [1996]

“It’s not like there’s a line between the good people and the bad people. It is not like you’re one or the other. “

Director : John Sayles

Writer : John Sayles

Cast : Chris Cooper, Elizabeth Pena, Kris Kristofferson, Joe Stevens, Miriam Colon, Matthew McConaughey and many more

Story : On a sunny day in Rio County, Texas, a sheriff’s badge along with his 40-year-old skeleton is found. Rio County being a small town it was pretty easy to figure out to whom it belonged : the feared Charlie Wade, and Sam Deeds (the current sheriff) already has a suspect in his mind Buddy Deeds, his father and predecessor and the only man to stand up to Charlie Wade. Sam like a hunting dog who caught the smell of blood chases deeper and deeper in the forest of buried secrets for the truth.

What I Liked :

– the first half hour, than the last hour, it feels dragged in a few places, there were scenes that could have been left out, it wouldn’t have hurt the story

– I’m always surprised when I see Matthew McConaughey in a good film, he is a decent actor and did a really great job as Buddy Deeds

– great performances overall especially Chris Cooper

– this a grand-scale story, focuses on 3 generations, deeply layered, all in all it’s incredibly well crafted, and the story sucks you in, you want to know what happened

– the last twist at the end regarding the sheriff and his high school sweetheart propelled the movie from good to great, at least for me, the way they make their decision was gripping, I don’t even find words for it, the best scene in the movie

– brilliant screenplay

– father-son relationship: the way Sam wanted so much to dethrone his father

– the complicated mother-daughter relationship reflected through Pilar and Mercedes’s problems

– another thing I loved was how everything felt authentic, all the characters and situations felt like they could have been pulled right out of a reality

What I Didn’t Like :

– there were a bit too many subplots, which are needed to build up the feel of the movie, they were the backbones of the story and all, but you need patience to get through it

– I think this movie is rather a social commentary of sorts, than a western or mystery. The skeleton just serves as a starting point to discover or rather rediscover the past.

Final Note :

3/3.5 out of 4

Trailer :

– not a good one, but didn’t find better

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