Mad Monkey Kung Fu (Feng Hou) [1979]

Director : Chia-Liang Liu

Writer : Kuang Ni

Cast : Chia-Liang Liu, Hou Hsiao, Kara Hui, Lieh Lo

Story : Tuan (Lieh Lo), a gang boss sets his eyes on Chen’s sister, and plots an evil plan to have her. Since Chen has a drinking problem, Tuan gets him drunk, really drunk  and together with his equally evil wife sets him up for rape which is punishable by drowning. Of course when Miss. Chen tells Tuan she’ll do anything if his brother’s life is spared, Chen can leave, but first his hands are brutally smashed so he won’t be able to exact revenge on Tuan ever. With his hands crushed there is not much to do, he buys a performing monkey, Ah Mo and starts living on the streets, this is where he meets Little Monkey, a thief, who isn’t called monkey for nothing. Trouble starts again when a couple of thugs kill Ah Mo and Little Monkey swears revenge.

What I Liked :

– amazing choreograph,  the details, the techniques, the acrobatics were perfect.

– the final fight was the best Kung Fu fight I have ever seen, I hit replay like ten times, it was just mind-blowing

– the training scenes are great

– Kara Hui kicked ass

– the monkey style was top-notch, of all the monkey fight style movies I watched (not many to be honest, but working on it), this one felt the most natural and realistic

What I Didn’t Like :

– it’s pretty silly, and Little Monkey’s character was annoying now and then, but you don’t watch a Kung Fu flick for the story you watch it for the kick-assery

– it’s from 1979 so you know the risks, but if you enjoy martial arts movies you are going to appreciate this one, it is a Kung Fu classic in my opinion

Final Note :

3 out of 4

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