House of Sand (Casa de areia) [2005]

Director : Andrucha Waddington

Writer : Elena Soarez (screenplay); Luiz Carlos Barreto, Elena Soarez, Andrucha Waddington (story)

Cast : Fernanda Montenegro, Fernanda Torres, Seu Jorge

Story : In 1910 Aurea (Fernanda Torres) is taken along with her mother (Fernanda Montenegro) by his husband on a journey to build a home in the shifting dunes of the State of Maranhao. But Aurea’s husband Vasco de Sa proves to be Bad Luck Brian, his workers leave him at the first and during his rage part house collapses on him and kills him almost instantly. Only the pregnant Aurea and Maria remained there without supplies or resources only sand beneath their feet. They manage to get by with the help of locals, especially Massu (Seu Jorge), but Aurea never stops trying to get out.

What I Liked :

– I love Fernanda Montenegro, she has such a kind face

– the relationship between Aurea and Massu, and I really liked Massu’s character

– I loved the mother – daughter relationship, greatly portrayed by the lead actresses who are mother and daughter in real life so it was easy for them

– that they never brought in a new actress, as time progresses Fernanda Montenegro plays Aurea while Fernanda Torres plays Maria, Aurea’s daughter and so on

– the ending, the best part, it really rewards your patience

What I Didn’t Like :

– it’s a good, solid movie with good performances but I find it a bit too long, I think it would have been better with some scene left out

– the sex scene, I hated it, it’s just felt out-of-place, don’t get me wrong usually I don’t have problems with these kind of scenes, but in this movie it just didn’t feel right for me

Final Note :

3 out of 4

Interesting Facts :

– the roles of the protagonist were directly written for Fernanda Torres, his wife and Fernanda Montenegro, his mother-in-law

Trailer :

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