Millennium Actress (Sennen joyû) [2001]

“Even the old people were once young “

Director : Satoshi Kon

Writer : Satoshi Kon, Sadayuki Murai

Story : Genya Tachibana and his cameraman Kyoji Ida manages to get a meeting with the legendary actress Fujiwara Chiyoko, who has been living in recluse for the last 30 years. Before they are starting the interview Genya hands Chiyoko a key, which proved to be the key to her past and Chiyoko starts to open up about her memories, her childhood love and her lifelong search after it.

What I Liked :

– how Satoshi blended Chiyoko’s life with her past roles, and slowly even Genya and his cameraman is blending in and we all root together for Chiyoko

– stunning animation (artwork)

What I Didn’t :

– oh such a tear-jerker, it wasn’t a bad thing I was just sad for her even though the movie ends in a happy tone

Facts :

– Satoshi Kon died of pancreatic cancer in 2010 after just 4 feature anime and one serial, but all his work enjoy worldwide appreciation and love

Trailer :

6 thoughts on “Millennium Actress (Sennen joyû) [2001]

      • Another reason I think would be interesting is because I know this movie is loosely based on the life of real-life Japanese actress Setsuko Hara. She was big in the years during and immediately following World War II, but I only saw her later movies from the late 50s/early 60s when she was a bit older. Still, I think seeing a movie loosely inspired by an old time actress I actually know about would be awesome.

      • i read that she is one influence, but the only similarity between the two of them is that Setsuko Hara retired from acting at a young age still at the height of her popularity. I never seen any movie with her although I set my eyes on Tokyo Story, just didn’t have time for it yet.
        By the way, Satoshi Kon said that Hideko Takamine was another influence too, only I don’t know about any similarities between their life, but then again I’m not that familiar with japanese movies.

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