Girlfight [2000]

“All these years, you just looked right through me. “

Director : Karyn Kusama

Writer : Karyn Kusama

Actors : Michelle Rodriguez

Story : Diana grows up fighting the world: she’s close to expulsion from high school for fighting, her mother is dead and her relationship with his father is far less than perfect, she has no social life or friends. One day when he is picking up his brother from his boxing training, she gets in a fight and clocks a guy. That was the first time she felt good, really good. So with a fuck ’em all attitude she starts training and through boxing she finds her way in life.

What I Liked About It :

– strong female character, it’s rare when you get to see such a strong and powerful female lead that inspires you; I actually started boxing after I watched this movie

– Michelle Rodriguez, she didn’t even had to act she just had to look in camera, she had such fire in her eyes that told you more than words could have

– the low-budget only adds to the realness of the film

– her clothing, I love that -I don’t care how I look-  style of her (in the movie of course)

What I Didn’t Like About It :

– making Diana a bit invincible

Final Note :

3 out of 4

Trailer :


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