The Defiant Ones [1958]

“There, now just the meanness shines through.”

Director : Stanley Kramer

Writer : Nedrick Young, Harold Jacob Smith

Actors : Sidney Poitier, Tony Curtis

Story : the story of two convict – one white the other black – chained together running for freedom.

What I Liked About It :

– i think all of us seen this kind of movie, they can’t break the chain they must run together but they hate each other but in the end become BFFs. well this is the only one that i saw where the story somehow works.

– brilliant performances, especially Sidney Poitier, he should have won the Oscar for it (he got the nomination)

–  a hell of an ending, one of the best endings I ever saw on-screen

– every character had depth, you saw them for 5 minutes but still understand what they want and why they want it

– Sidney Poitier’s face when he sings is forever burned in my memory

What I Didn’t Like About It :

– sincerely i can’t say one damn thing

Final Note :

4 out of 4

Interesting Facts:

– the role of Joker Jackson was offered to Robert Mitchum who turned it down, then Marlon Brando who couldn’t play it because he was caught up in filming the Mutiny on the Bounty, and even Elvis Presley wanted to play the role but his manager talked him out of it so in the end Tony Curtis played it hoping that this role would break him away from his usual pretty boy roles

– one technical advisor is uncredited because he was in fact a chain-gang escapee who was still a wanted man

Trailer :

One thought on “The Defiant Ones [1958]

  1. Hey, I was looking for a poster for The Defiant Ones and stumbled across this in a Google Image Search! I love it particularly because you used my font “Stinky Kitty” that I designed back in 2002. It’s always cool seeing my fonts in the wild! Cheers!!

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